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TBC wants to encourage & strengthen the church through biblical counselling & training services

We provide an opportunity for honest, authentic speaking in a safe context with not only a trained biblical counsellor but a wise friend. God will use these intentional conversations to change you one degree at a time. You will begin to grow in hope, faith and love and will interact with your world and your God a little bit differently. It’s not glamorous but God is faithful to love us and remake us more into the image of Jesus.  


“While they were talking and discussing together, Jesus himself drew near and went with them.”

— LUKE 24:15

I am happy to commend to you Brian Munnings as an excellent biblical counsellor. Brian has a quick ear, a gentle spirit and a love for what is true. His years working at CCEF have given him an excellent skill set and rich theological framework through which to help Christians find their way in tricky times.
In my role as a pastor, I’ve observed how God has given some Christians the unique ability to walk alongside others going through hard times—to listen gently, wisely ask questions, and provide biblical guidance and encouragement. Biblical counselling, with the right counsellor and when done excellently, can truly be a life-changing gift. Brian Munnings is just this sort of counsellor, a godly, kind, and wise man. I’ve watched as individuals from our church have left his office encouraged, ready to take practical next steps, and in a wholly better place than when they first arrived.
Ed Welch CCEF
I am so glad that Brian Munnings has been used to raise up Toronto Biblical Counselling as an asset for area churches. You will find his ministry to be biblically thoughtful, gentle, understanding, and consistently linked to Jesus. Pastors will find a colleague whom they can trust with their congregants.
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What is Biblical Counselling & how does it differ from regular counselling?

Biblical Counseling is simply the practical application of the gospel in the context of relationship. It is patiently walking alongside a fellow struggler and looking together at the present issues of life through the lens of Scripture. Most counselling is helpful if you are sitting with a wise person who listens well but biblical counselling is unique in that it is not dependant on any person but on a God who has spoken love to us and promises to be with us forever.


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