Adam and Eve were not lonely. They knew God was there. The one who loved, cared for and created them was in their midst. They also knew they had each other, the best of human relationships. Then sin entered the world and so did a host of questions and experiences to follow. Where is God? Does he know me? Does he love me? Why do I feel so alone? Does he care?


God is Always at Work

I’m a simple man. I can’t do too many things at once. If I’m driving with my wife and we start to talk about something important the car begins to slow down. I can’t talk about something meaningful and drive at the same time!

As a counsellor, there is always one thing that is on my mind as I meet with people. Have I helped them see that God is still at work? Most people come to counselling because they are discouraged, stuck, moving toward hopeless and despair, doubting that God is still working in them and in their situation.

Toronto Biblical Counselling Launch!

We are excited for the launch of Toronto Biblical Counselling! 

It has long been a desire in my heart to see a biblical counselling presence in the city of Toronto. I feel honoured and blessed to be a part of this movement as we see lives changed because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. TBC hope's to be a blessing to the city through counselling and training services that reflect our great God!

Please join us in prayer as we begin this new counselling ministry for the glory of God!

 If you're interested to learn more, please get in touch!

Brian Munnings